Sunday, January 2, 2011

Just a few quick snapshots of our lovely little Christmas!
The great little gingerbread house the girls made with Grandma.
Decorating Christmas cookies-what a fabulous fun mess it was!
New Christmas jammies!!
The beloved Pillow Pets. These have been long awaited-thank you Grammy and Poppy!
A great gift for all the Rousset Eagle fans! (mommy didn't get one cause of the big belly! Maybe next year!)And now for a happy new year!

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Tis the season

It's beginning to look like Christmas at the Rousset household.
Don't have our tree done quite yet. We went to pick it out last night, brought it home, set it up, got the kids all excited about decorating, just to find out I only had one string of lights that was working! It was a bit of a let down after all the evenings hype! But we'll get there! We have done a few birthdays at our house the past couple months and now it is time to focus on the most precious birth of all.
Jesus Christ our Savior.

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Monday, November 8, 2010

Friday, September 24, 2010

Happy Fall!!!

I'm so thrilled fall is officially here!!
I'm starting this at a bad time, I can't stay and chat, but I will try to get back soon! I just wanted to stop in and share a fabulous fall greeting with you all!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Surviving School :)

We are into week two of school here and everyone has survived so far!! I feel far from really knowing what I should be doing and how is the best way to approach it all but, what we have been doing is going well. And I am hoping that the more steady I get on my feet, I'll be able to add in the other things that might not have been in the initial planning. I'm trying at this point not to do too much thinking about what else we could be doing or what I might be missing because I know it'll just drive me crazy and get me way too overwhelmed and I just need to focus on what we are doing right now and doing it well. I'm excited about what we've got going and know it will only get smoother and better! (Kinda sounds like I'm trying to convince myself, huh?) One of the trickiest things right now is keeping Gideon occupied and out of the way for a while in the morning, he wants to be where his sisters are but just causes an uproar wherever he goes!! That and letting Lyla be involved (cause she really wants to be a part of what I'm doing with Gabrielle) but not letting her go through kindergarten at the age of 3(but more and more she is surprising me and I think she could really do it.) So mixing preschool and kindergarten is the big thing I've been trying to figure out. I'm loving it, but I am so exhausted! And we are only in kindergarten!!! How many more years of this... Just kidding!
Ok you don't know how hard it was not to go change my background to look very fall.(I'm really into a tree thing right now, though!) I'm so ready! 30 days!!! I'm trying to wait till the official day before I go all fall crazy, though. I let you know how well that goes...

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

The end of summer

Wow, I haven't done this since March???!!! I really wish I was one of those avid bloggers who updated almost daily with something great to say. Well, we all know that isn't the case! So where to begin(or should I say go back to)... We've had a nice summer. The kids and I took a trip to Iowa with my mom to see my little sister, her hubby, and little girl. We had a great time! The kids loved spending time in Iowa farmland and spending time with their little cousin. I don't have any pictures of this time because my mom is so great about taking tons of pictures and when I'm with her I get quite picture lazy! Both girls were able to be involved in this years VBS 'Saddle Ridge Ranch'. I lead music again this year, it was a blast. The girls helped me learn all the music before hand and even just the other day they were getting the cd out to "practice our VBS music"! Always one of my favorite parts of summer!
We finally were able to take a family vacation! I really think this was our first official one since, well, probably since we've even been married! We've just never really taken the time to go somewhere. I've taken the kids places when Jesse couldn't come, but we haven't really done it together. (wow, that sound really bad...) Jesse's family was going to California and we were able to tag along! It was the girls' first trip in an airplane-a very big deal! They did great and really enjoyed it. California was great, San Francisco, the beach, Monteray Bay Aquarium, the beach, Disneyland, drive up the coast on scenic highway 1 along with spending great time with the Rousset family. It was just a fabulous time!
And now that summer is coming to a close we are starting kindergarten with Gabrielle on Monday! KINDERGARTEN!! Oh my! I can't believe I have a kindergartner! We doing school at home and I'm so excited about being involved in watching her learn and grow into the girl God has made her to be. We are going to have a great first year! Much more to come about that!
We have more excitement coming this year with the arrival of Little One number four! God has blessed us again and we are very happy!
Many things we are looking forward to experiencing this year and I hope to share it with you!
I just have to say, is that not the sweetest picture?!
I'll try to put up more pictures soon!